Serving mixed drinks and cocktails during a party is a tricky challenge. It might appear simple to create drinks but it is not. For this reason, those that provide mobile cocktail bar hire Sydney has today are becoming more in demand. They make life easier for party planners to create and serve mixed drinks to party guests. Just like preparing for food at an event, a lot should be considered during the preparation to ensure that your guests will be satisfied. One of the biggest challenges involved when you hire a mobile cocktail bar hire in Sydney is how to plan the menu. This could make or break your party; hence, you need insight from professionals on how to make the right selection.


Before you shop around for a Sydney mobile cocktail bar hire, here are some of the ideas that you can incorporate into your cocktails and drinks menu:


Invest on Similar Mixers


Buying drinks is undoubtedly expensive. This is why careful planning is required when you choose mobile cocktail bar hire Sydney has today to work with on your party. But whatever you do, never scrimp on your drink options. Always buy the good stuff!


To help you save and get more mixing opportunities on your party drinks, create a cocktail menu that uses the same mixers so you have more variety. For example, you can stock on gin, whiskey, dry or sweet vermouth, bitters, and tequila. Using these drink components, you will be able to come up with a wide variety of concoctions including Classic Martini, Dry Manhattan, or Tequini.


Classic Cocktails


When planning a menu with a mobile cocktail bar hire Sydney providers currently have, it might be an exciting prospect for you. But do not get too excited to a point that you get too creative with your drinks. You have to look at your menu from a broader perspective. If you have a broad demographic of guests on your party, go for the safe route and include the classic cocktail drinks on your menu. That way, your bartender will now how to prepare them and your guests will be able to identify them. Some classic cocktail recipes include New Orleans Fizz, Dubonnet Cocktail, or Martinez.


Taste of Tropics


Speaking of classic cocktails, one component to a classic drink for parties and other events is the use of tropical fruits. Indeed, there are more mixed drinks recipes nowadays that employ the use of these fruits to add another layer of flavor to the drink. More info at Wats On Tap.


Blue Hawaiian, for example, adds pineapple juice and coconut crème into the mixture. Meanwhile, a drink called Hurricane infuses the mixture with passion fruit, lime and orange.


As mentioned above, the key to a successful drinks menu that will satisfy your guest is with the help of professional bartenders catering to your event. If you want the best mobile cocktail bar hire company in Sydney, go to You can learn more about their packages and what types of drinks they can serve for your next party!