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Pay Attention to These 5 HVAC Danger Signs

Your home HVAC system is one of the most important equipment. When it is working properly, it makes your house livable and comfortable. When there is a problem, it can turn into a horrible nightmare. Fortunately, with the immediate air conditioning repair Atlanta GA has, you can keep your heating and cooling units operating as they should. Just make sure that you do not overlook any of the following five warning signs to avoid serious issues only resolvable with a replacement.

1. Leaks or puddles

Seeing a small pool of accumulated moisture or visible leaks on your unit is fairly common. However, these could also be indications of more serious issues that you may need a specialist to determine. The refrigerant feeding line could have torn insulation foam, for instance. Plus, puddles could lead to mold buildup and slipping hazards. If you can’t trace where the water is coming from, arrange for an HVAC specialist to check the equipment immediately. If you sign up for an HVAC service plan Atlanta offers, the service call could cost you zilch.

2. Musty or moldy odor

Air conditioning systems are prone to condensation buildup and generate huge amounts of moisture inside the units. The moisture can escape into the ducts and cause mold buildup which makes its presence known by the smell. As you are aware, mold is unsafe to breathe in as it can cause respiratory problems. Get thorough air duct cleaning with a specialized technician for heating and cooling Atlanta.

3. Burning smell

As you would expect, the primary job of your furnace is to burn. It should emit a burning odor caused by applied oil, but this should only be within the first 24 hours after startup. If the smell lasts longer than that or returns at a later point, there could be something wrong. Switch off the furnace and the oil supply for the time being. Then, contact your local service professional for air conditioning repair Atlanta GA right away. Checkout at Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning

4. Electrical odor

Does something smell like it is overheating? Then it probably is. Some electrical wiring could be badly frayed, damaged, or torn, or the system motor could be going up and burning out. Either way, it’s dangerous and should be addressed as soon as possible. Turn your unit off with the master shutoff valve and bring in an expert to perform the best air conditioning repair Atlanta GA has to offer.

5. Rotten egg smell

A furnace naturally emits a slight odor that you shouldn’t usually notice. When you start smelling rotten eggs and you don’t even have eggs in the house, your house could have a natural gas leak somewhere. By all means, don not investigate or fix the issue yourself, else you risk an explosion. Instead, you should call a heating and air conditioning company like Moncrief to handle the problem.

HVAC problems can be caused by a number of things, including failing components, insufficient maintenance, or an aging system. All of these can lead to potentially dangerous malfunctions that need immediate attention. Keep your nose, ears, and eyes peeled for any of the signs above and you should be able to keep your system working properly. If all else fails, however, take advantage of air conditioner replacement Atlanta offers, instead of suffering with a poor-performing AC unit.