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The Facilities and Services Factor when Renting a Venue

Putting together a function can be a headache, considering all the details that need taking care of, so it is easy to let some things such as the venue choice slip through the cracks. Brisbane has more than enough places to choose from when organising an event whether it’s a corporate luncheon, gala, wedding or anniversary celebration. Picking an appropriate choice of venue Brisbane event planners have to offer is perhaps the most crucial decision you will make regarding your event. The checklist for getting it right is a long one, but one aspect you can’t forget is the facilities and services available at a venue.

Kitchen Facilities

You have to consider if the catering services come with the venue you are hiring. Some options for events venue Brisbane companies offer have kitchen facilities, making it less complicated to organise the food and drink. Alternatively, you may bring in a catering team from outside, meaning the venue needs to have the right kitchen facilities for easier preparations. In such an instance, consider the food vendors you will be bringing in because some venues have exclusive partnerships with vendors in the region. Just to be sure, you can have someone from the catering staff check the facilities and see if they are up to standards.

Furniture and Cleanup

When booking a venue in Brisbane, consider the availability of chairs, tables and linens because that can significantly save your overall costs. Some of the options of venue Brisbane companies provide especially indoor ones come bundled with other services. You may not have to make a separate budget for the seating or the table linens, which is a plus. Some choices for events hire Brisbane agencies offer include clean up services, which can be an advantage. Hiring a crew to tidy up after an event can cost a pretty penny, particularly for large functions, so consider a venue that is inclusive of cleanup for cost effectiveness.

Facilities for Persons with Disabilities

Another aspect concerning facilities is accessibility for individuals with disabilities. For a large event, it can be hard to know if some guests will need the services, so it’s better to go with the safe choice. If you are looking at venues for weddings Brisbane organisers have for rent, inquire about the services each one provides for persons with disabilities including washrooms, ramps, parking spots and elevators. Also, consider the older guests that don’t do well with mobility.


Entertainment at an event should be at the top of the list and the facilities available at a venue will determine how well that goes. The facilities available should be consistent with the type of event. For example, if it’s a children’s party, you can ask for slides, swings and monkey bars. For a corporate retreat, you can have recreational facilities such as a tennis club, spa, pool and the like. Consider the demographics of the guests you have invited when deciding on the most appropriate entertainment facilities. See more at Lightspace


Think about accommodation facilities as well when hosting an event such as a conference or retreat. Some choices of venue Brisbane organisers provide have accommodation facilities that will make everything easier. Even when you are not covering the costs, it will give your guests peace of mind when they can just leave a wedding reception and check into a hotel. For more details, just visit