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Putting It Down On Paper In Style – Today’s Luxury Writing Tools

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Whether it is on a social call or writing up reports at work, we always need a pen. Not just any average pen, but one that made is to perfection. One that will bring out your more fashionable side. If you are looking to add flair to your office, then Notedian fountain pens are a perfect choice. You can feel pure luxury by just the stroke of a pen.

What key features should you consider when buying luxury fountain pen online or wherever?

  • Design and Size. Consider getting a design that fits your personal style and something that fits both quality and size. As much as style is a key consideration, it goes hand in hand with size. No matter how attractive a design is, comfort is key. Choosing the wrong size of the pen can sometimes cause cramping or even fatigue.

  • The Pen Nib. This is one of the most important features to consider before you buy fountain pens. It narrows down to the tip size and shape. The tip size will determine how wide or narrow the line will be. Depending on the size of your handwriting you can choose from the wide variety available from narrowest, medium and also the broad. With the nib tip, you can choose from the round or shaped. Finally, the nib comes in either gold or silver depending on your choice. In more cases though, the gold nib is always more expensive than the silver.
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    Fountain Pens: Why They Should Always Be In Your Office Pen Rack

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    Writing that page of copy work, a handsome journal, a thank you note or a warm invitation message just to complete the task isn’t enough. You should rather make any writing you make inviting and inspiring to the reader. This, however, doesn’t just come by. It is the writer who brings it to be by using a quality fountain pen. Those who have used fountain pens for a long time say they come with sharper results and richer experience. The benefits that those who use these pens enjoy are indisputable. To learn a few of these benefits, read on!

    fountain pens

    Better feeling

    People are happy if what they do gives them a better feeling. Any pen that makes writing a hard task is not worth the warmth of your pocket. You may use a pen that makes writing hard especially when writing something important such as a resume or a job application letter. Writing with a fountain pen is prestigious and easier on the hand. You can write with a quality pen for several hours without getting fatigued. Most fountain pens truly flow making it easier for the writer to get in the flow.

    Pens are friendly to the environment

    Anything that helps in conserving the environment is worth having, using and keeping. Most people don’t know that what they throw away in the trash or dust bin may later harm the environment in a severe manner. Most ballpoint pens are tossed into the trash once the ink is used up. The good thing with most fountain pens is that you won’t throw them away since they just need refilling. After you have used the last ink drop, you would only need to refill the reservoir and get back to the business of the day.

    Economical all the way

    If you calculate the amount of money you frequently use on ballpoint pens, you won’t believe your math. Some of the ballpoint pens come half-used and it is sometimes hard to notice if you are not extra careful. Other pens just get lost while others spill out the ink when the temperatures are high. The worst happens when the ink spills over leaving the shirt you like most ugly and with permanent marks. This means you would plan to buy another pen and shirt. You won’t make such uneconomical moves if you purpose to always have the best fountain pens in your office pen rack. read more